Verne sex tape online

In the lawsuit, which will be filed in Federal court any moment, Troyer is accusing Shrider of intentional infliction of emotional distress and battery.

The Walrus has a fascinating read about what it's like to work at in the backend (heh) of a porn company; writing copy and maximizing Internet search-ability (SEO) for terms like "rimjob" and "bleached butthole." Though, if you ignore the copious amounts of butt stuff, working in a porn cubicle is pretty much like any other job.

His lawyer Ed Mc Pherson said: 'He's shocked and appalled to learn about the false and frivolous accusations that have been made by Ms Monet.'It's beyond comprehension that a restraining order can be obtained with no notice to Mr Troyer and no opportunity to defend himself...

We look forward to responding to these allegations in court.' The Austin Powers star, who suffers from a condition called cartilage-hair hypoplasia dwarfism, recently appeared alongside the Heath Ledger in The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus in what was to be the late actor's last film role.

A 25-second snippet of video showing actor Verne Troyer and a former girlfriend having sex, available online over the past couple of days, is all the world will see of the tape — for now.

Troyer is most famous for his role as Mini-Me in two of the “Austin Powers” movies and also co-stars in the new movie “The Love Guru.” He claims that the sex tape he made with a former girlfriend was stolen from his home months ago.

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