Main - Before first call 2009-12-15 ,609 DEBUG ehcache.Cache - custom Cache Cache: custom Cache Memory Store miss for players 2009-12-15 ,609 DEBUG ehcache.Updating Self Populating Cache fails to call update Entry Value( ) because it expects replacement Value() to return a class that implements Serializable interface.Specially the following line in Self Populating Cache.refresh Element( ) is skipped ((Updating Cache Entry Factory) factory).update Entry Value(key, replacement Value()); Here is snip of the stack trace: ehcache. Consider using Element#get Object Key() at ehcache.Another interesting feature of Eh Cache is the ability to add a cache event listener.By adding a cache event listener to a cache, you can be notified when an element has been added, removed, or expired.Cache - custom Cache cache - Miss 2009-12-15 ,765 INFO com.balamaci.Main - Creating entry for key 1 2009-12-15 ,765 INFO com.balamaci.

Cache - custom Cache Cache: custom Cache Memory Store miss for 1 2009-12-15 ,765 DEBUG ehcache.

Before working with Eh Cahe, I used a static variable for a cache.

For example, I would have: As we can see, although not hard to implement, this classic approach has some disadvantages that come with it.

Cache - custom Cache Cache: custom Cache Memory Store hit for 1 2009-12-15 ,765 DEBUG ehcache.constructs.blocking.

Self Populating Cache - custom Cache: refreshing element with key 1 2009-12-15 ,765 INFO com.balamaci.

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