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If you'd like to donate to the drive (food, toys, clothing, etc.), bring your items to the Social Assistance department at the Moose Cree main office by 4 pm on the 18th. Interested individuals can complete the attached form. - 2018 Little Native Hockey League Tournament Volunteers We are looking for committed volunteers for the 2018 LNHL Tournament being held in Mississauga from March 11th to 15th, 2018! If you are a customer of an electric utility and in a lower income household, you may qualify for a reduction in your energy bill through the OESP. - Health Care Meeting with Chief Patricia Faries Chief Faries will be hosting a social get-together on Saturday, November 25, 2017 to provide an update on the topic of health care services for MCFN. - Water Conservation Notice Update Public Works has not yet located the leak(s) in the distribution system. - Your Health, Your Future, Take Control Workshop Moose Factory Health Centre is holding health workshops on January 14th and 15th on diabetes, kidney disease, dialysis, transplantation, and organ donation. - January 16, 2013 National Day of Action - Charter Bus to Ottawa MCFN will be chartering a bus to Ottawa for Members who are interested in attending. - Information Sessions Postponed The information sessions on the MCFN Impeachment Regulations (draft), MCFN Recall Election Regulations (draft), and MCFN Code of Conduct – For Elected Officials (draft) has been postponed until further notice. - Meditation and Relaxation with Lynn Cheechoo Moose Cree Health Services invites you to meditation and relaxation classes with Lynn Cheechoo. This drive is intended for families on welfare with no additional source of income. We would like to identify potential impacts on our community, and ways to address those concerns. - Ontario Energy Support Program (OESP) An OESP intake worker will be in Moose Factory on December 5th and 6th, 2017. This survey is completely anonymous and you can enter to win one of three gift cards. - Grand Opening of the Red Cross satellite office On Wednesday, November 14, 2012 from 11 a.m. at the EPR Centre, we invite you to join us in celebrating the grand opening of the Red Cross satellite office. - Grief Edu-Therapy Solutions - Healing Your Heart As part of a joint initiative between Moose Cree First Nation and Edu-Therapy™ Solutions, we invite you to participate in the upcoming Grief Edu-Therapy™ Personal workshops for individuals dealing with significant emotional loss. All parents are urged to check their child’s immunizations and catch up any missed doses if necessary with the nurses at the Health Centre. - Application Opportunity for Housing Contractors Moose Cree First Nation plans to hire a contractor for the renovation/repairs of seven housing units for the First Nation. Learn about the benefits of having a greenhouse in our community! This meeting will discuss Membership Meeting Regulations and Election Regulations. - Energy Committee 2nd Posting Moose Cree First Nation is seeking two members to sit on this new subcommittee of the Economic Development department to discuss new ideas, new approaches, and new potential projects relating to energy needs of the community. - Join the 2016 Canada Census Team Canada’s next census will be held in May 2016. Drive with care at water crossings and at rougher portions of road. - Special Band Membership Meeting There will be a Special Band Membership Meeting on February 4, 2016 at p.m. This meeting will discuss Membership Meeting Regulations and Election Regulations. - Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni Visit Moose Cree First Nation and the Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni would like to thank the organizations, volunteers, fans, and MFHA for helping to make this event possible. - Veterans' Land Issue Committee MCFN is seeking applicants for the Veterans’ Land Issue Committee. Chief and Council wish to find a satisfactory solution to this long-standing matter. - Moose Knuckles Winning Designs Moose Cree First Nation and Moose Knuckles Canada are pleased to announce our winning designs for the limited edition piece that will be featured in the 2016 Fall & Winter Collection. - Christmas Parade The annual Christmas parade will be held on Saturday, December 19, 2015! Regular water main flushing is an important component of a comprehensive water management program. - Assisted Living Complex Information Session Elders and care providers are encouraged to attend this information session being held on November 24, 2015. - Federal Election Voter Assistance for Membership Are you eligible and registered to vote in the upcoming federal elections? Break-up along the Moose River has reached Hancock Creek (8 miles from the community). - Attend the Truth and Reconciliation Closing Ceremonies Moose Cree Health Services has applied for funding to sponsor MCFN Residential School Survivors who would like to attend the Truth and Reconciliation closing ceremonies in Ottawa. - Special Request for Vamps Walking With Our Sisters is inviting Residential School Survivors or their relatives to submit pairs of children or baby moccasin vamps. - Ontario Power Generation Advisory: Increased Flow With warmer temperatures settling at the top of the watershed over the last week, flows into the Abitibi and Mattagami River Systems are increasing. - Dog Safety Notice: Confine Your Dogs to Your Yard For the safety of all community members, especially children, it is important for all dog owners to tie up your dogs and/or confine them to your yard or home. - Application Opportunity for Housing Contractors Moose Cree First Nation plans to hire a contractorfor the construction of new housing units. - Condolences to the Cree Nation of Mistissini The Moose Cree First Nation Chief and Council offer their deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the five men that lost their lives in a hunting cabin fire. - Independent Review Panel Moose Cree First Nation is looking for interested MCFN members to sit on the Independent Review Panel. - Mushkegowuk Council Regional Youth Gathering Workshops, presentations, and activities for youth ages 12 to 29. - Job Readiness Program There is still time to join the Job Readiness Program being offered by Northern College in Moose Factory from March 18 - April 2. - Land Entitlement Negotiations Information Sessions These sessions are intended to provide Moose Cree members with more information on the Land Entitlement Negotiations. - Regular Chief and Council Meeting The Regular Chief and Council Meeting has been postponed to Saturday, March 29th, 2014 and will include a swearing in ceremony for Ross Trapper. - Youth Internal Community Consultation Protocol Meeting On March 13th, the Lands and Resources department is holding a Youth Dodgeball, Pizza Party, and Internal Community Consultation Protocol Meeting. - Monthly Video Update from Chief Norm Hardisty Jr. discusses the establishment of a Moose Cree First Nation Trust and the Treaty Land Entitlement Negotiation. - Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) Hearing Moose Cree Health Services will be taking MCFN Residential School survivors to a TRC hearing in Edmonton on March 27-30, 2014 (subject to funding). - Notice of By-Election Moose Cree First Nation accepted the resignation of the Youth Councillor, effective December 19, 2013. - Spring 2014 Harvesters Support Program Apply now for the Harvesters Support Program! - Chainsaw Operator Safety Training Course This course introduces the student to the basic parts of a chainsaw and proper chainsaw handling techniques. The program is a subsidy only and is not intended to cover all costs. Please drive carefully and be aware of road crews that will be continually working to improve the road surface. - Aboriginal Conservation Program Reminder All successful applicants will be receiving a phone call from Samantha Doolittle of the Abor Group to schedule a home energy audit at the end of the month. - Youth Centre After School Program Beginning January 23rd, youth ages 6-12 can drop by the youth centre to participate in activities, enjoy a healthy snack, and receive assistance with homework. - Land Use Plan Information Session Lands and Resources information sessions held on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 regarding the community-based land use plan for MCFN citizens. The deadline for submission is on January 31, 2014 at noon. Please click the link for more information about the game, tickets, volunteering, the MCFN team, and the youth hockey camps. Join us on September 11, 2013 for a presentation on goose migration and information about monitoring and mapping of fall hunt locations in Moose Cree Homelands. - Media Advisory - Ontario Trillium Foundation and MCFN The Ontario Trillium Foundation and Moose Cree First Nation will make an important announcement on Friday, September 13th, 2013 on a grant contribution to enhance and preserve the Moose Cree Homelands in the land and resources sector. - Second Band Membership Meeting - CANCELLED The second band membership meeting scheduled for September 18, 2013 at p.m. The next Regular Membership Meeting will be on November 28, 2013. - Detour Gold Job Fair Detour Gold and its contractor partners invite you to discover current job opportunities at the Detour Lake mine during our joint job fair on September 12 - 13, 2013. - Banishment Notices Augustine Scott, Natasha Koosees, Dominic Scott, Simon Wesley, and Annette Mark are banned from entering Moose Factory Island Reserve #1 and Reserve #68 for any purpose. - Chief and Council Statement on the Proposed Weeneebayko Area Health Authority Consultation Session Weeneebayko Area Health Authority approached Moose Cree First Nation Chief and Council regarding their plan to conduct a community consultation session in our territory on August 27, 2013. - Special Band Membership Meeting A Special Band Membership Meeting has been scheduled for August 28, 2013 at p.m. Statistics Canada is hiring staff for a variety of positions between February and July 2016 to work in First Nations communities. - Wetum Road Officially Opens The Wetum Road is officially open as of a.m. This Committee is tasked with identifying a course of action that will allow Chief and Council to resolve the veterans’ land issue. - Electricity Bill Credit for Low-Income Households Are you a low-income household and want to lower your hydro bill? Flush your water lines by running the cold water tap for five minutes. - Project George Trappers Training Initiative Project George is offering a trapping course for youth ages 12–22, complete with both in-class and practical components. Blue prints of the building will be presented and we are seeking your input for the future of the facility. - Financial Wellness Project November 25 - 27, 2015. - Detour Gold Screening Sessions Are you interested in securing employment at Detour Gold? - Ontario First Nation Limited Partnership (OFNLP) Allocations Moose Cree First Nation is accepting application submissions for OFNLP Funding. - Beadwork and Embroidery Design Contest Do you dream of being involved in fashion? On October 5th, The membership department will be available to assist you in registering online. - Sisters in Spirit Sunday October 4, 2015 is a day for honouring and healing. Moose Cree Health Services will supply the first 10 interested people with supplies to make a pair of vamps. Bidders must demonstrate that they meet required qualifications. The objective of the panel is to assess the due diligence of the Council in regards to the conflict of interest issues. Gathering held on March 28 - 29, 2015 in Moose Factory. This is a great opportunity to improve your skills! - Wetum Road Closure EXTENSION The Wetum Road will officially close on Thursday, March 26, 2015 at am. There will be a number of sessions hosted in various communities around Northern Ontario. - Moose Cree Apparel for Sale Moose Cree First Nation hats and t-shirts are now available for purchase. MCFN Members are welcomed to attend and observe the meeting. - Community Information Session Chief and Council will be providing an update on the Investment Planning Working Group on March 27, 2014 regarding the proposed Trust Fund and Self Generated Funds. - Finance and Administration Committee Moose Cree First Nation is looking for an interested MCFN member to sit on the Finance and Administration Committee. Have fun, enjoy a meal, win great prizes, and learn more about this important document. Residential school survivors wishing to attend this event must register by February 28, 2014. Therefore, a By-election shall be held to fill the vacant position. - Chainsaw Operator Safety Training Course This course introduces the student to the basic parts of a chainsaw and proper chainsaw handling techniques. The program is a subsidy only and is not intended to cover all costs. Funds are limited and priority will be given to those in need. Topics include a grocery co-op, Washow Lodge update, and business development program survey results. Timmins on Thursday, February 12th 2015 and Kapuskasing on Friday February 13th 2015. - Wetum Road Remains Closed The Wetum Road remains closed as it is still not safe for travel. Bring your items to the CCIC on December 1st and 2nd. - Livestream of Membership Meeting Cancelled It is with regret to inform membership that there will be no live streaming of the Membership Meeting due to noncompliance of the Membership Meeting Regulations. Any changes to the regulations must be done in the proper manner and this will be addressed in due course. For more information please contact the Membership Department. - Gaming Authority Policy Creation Moose Cree First Nation is seeking assistance to develop policies and procedures for all forms of fundraising that are provided to our membership on our homelands. - Strategic Plan and Self Generated Revenue Information Sessions Out of town information sessions for the Moose Cree First Nation Strategic Plan and Self-Generated Revenue will be held from January 24-28, 2015. - Moose Factory Health Centre - Influenza Update #1 One confirmed Influenza A virus lab results in Moose Factory with an increase in others exhibiting flu-like symptoms. The new target opening date is January 24, 2015, but a notice will be posted should it open earlier. - Indian Residential Schools Personal Credits Extension Deadlines have been extended to apply for personal credits. - Harvesters Subsidy Program Spring 2015 - Information Session This information session will be held on January 27, 2015 and will discuss and review the Harvesters Subsidy Program Policy (draft). - Turkey Giveaway for MCFN Elders Once again, Moose Cree First Nation is delivering turkeys to our elders ages 60 and over. Information on the proposed land protection plan for Moose Cree First Nation Citizens. - YWCA Toronto Life Skills Coach Certificate This course will be held on February 9 - 13, 2015. - Water Conservation Notice Please be advised that the Water Treatment Plant would like all residents of Moose Factory to exercise good water conservation practices during the decrease of water pressure. - Community Ice Road Not Officially Open Please be aware that the winter ice road crossing from Moose Factory to Moosonee has not officially opened. As the Lower Mattagami River Project continues to wind down, there will be opportunities to purchase items at a reduced rate.

- Jordan's Principle Information Session Jordan's Principle is a child-first initiative that addresses the needs of First Nations children by ensuring there are no gaps in government services to them. Normal office hours will resume on Tuesday, April 10, 2012. - 5th Indigenous Youth Engagement Forum March 5 - 8, 2012. Join a network of Youth and Youth Groups interested in creating a youth policy on the issues that impact them directly. The personal credit is a one-time credit with a value of up to ,000.00 for former residential school survivors. - Wetum Road Remains Closed Wetum Road is not completed as of today, Tuesday, January 13, 2014. If you have recently turned 60, contact our office to ensure delivery. - Community Ice Road Officially Opens The ice road between Moose Factory and Moosonee is open for light duty vehicles ONLY. Life Skills Coaches will examine the core competencies required to manage group dynamics, apply creativity to lesson design, and discover their unique coaching presence. A notice will be posted once the road is ready for use. We advise all to stay off the road to allow the crews to work unfettered. Centre on January 9th to present "Overcoming Depression, Empowering People". - Harvesters Subsidy Program Spring 2015 Applications for the Spring 2015 Harvesters Subsidy Program will be available on February 2, 2015. Practice safe driving by limiting speed and using caution when approaching work crews. The tentative completion date is Saturday, September 9, 2017. Emily Faries Canadian Law, Politics, and Aboriginal People. - Plaque Unveiling Parks Canada and The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada invite you to the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the national historic significance of the Moose Factory Buildings on August 3, 2017. - Solar Panel Installation Training - Revised Dates The Employment & Training department is hosting solar panel installation training in two sessions on September 6-7 and September 8-9 respectively. - SLM Recycling SLM Recycling is in Moose Factory for approximately two weeks to collect our steel, appliances, vehicles, tires, etc. - Canada Child Benefit Information Session and SIN Clinic With the Canada Child Benefit you may receive up to ,400 per child. Our approach prepares you for a long and rewarding career. There is a risk of vehicles breaking through the road surface. - Wetum Road Update The opening date of the Wetum Road has been pushed back to February 1, 2017 at am. - Save the Date: Pathways to Healing Conference This year's Pathways to Healing conference will be held from February 27th to March 3rd, 2017. - Water Safety - New Post Creek Hydroelectric Project KANPP advises the public that there will be changes to water levels and flows in New Post Creek and the Abitibi River due to construction and testing of the new Peter Sutherland Senior Generating Station and dams. - National Aboriginal Addictions Awareness Week (NAAAW) Addiction impacts all of us. - Important Change to the Harvesters Subsidy Program Band members with housing arrears are now eligible to receive the Harvesters Subsidy without having to pay off arrears or sign up for a re-payment plan. - Harvesters Subsidy Program Fall 2016 We are now accepting applications for the fall 2016 harvesting season. To get started, please complete the attached registration form. - Grief Edu Therapy Sessions The Grief Edu-Therapy team invites you to participate in the upcoming Grief Edu-Therapy™ program for individuals dealing with significant emotional loss. Please use the flagpole entrance for service during this time. - New ONR Reservation System for the Polar Bear Express Ontario Northland is excited to be launching a new reservation and ticketing system for the Polar Bear Express. Learn about these changes and join the discussion at the upcoming information session on June 16, 2016. - An Open Letter to Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come "You recently started a lawsuit on behalf of the Cree people in Quebec asserting 'Aboriginal title' and 'Aboriginal rights' over much of the Moose Cree Homeland in Ontario. - Youth Walk of Hope Mushkegowuk Council seeks your support for the Youth Walk of Hope planned to begin in early June in Cochrane and end on July 10 in Niagara Falls. The Housing Committee is mandated by Chief and Council to provide the efficient and effective delivery of services in the area of Housing to serve Moose Cree First Nation membership and residents. - Grief Edu Therapy Sessions The Grief Edu-Therapy team would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming Grief Edu-Therapy™ program for individuals dealing with significant emotional loss. Become an expert in installations, service calls and repairs in satellite technology, internet, and cellular boosters. The contractors are on the road today to decommission the crossings and the south gate will be locked. - Little Native Hockey League 2017 Planning Committee The Moose Cree First Nation will be the host First Nation for the 2017 Little Native Hockey League tournament. Enjoy the cultural activities, entertainment, and workshops! Language workshops will also be held to help you get the most out of the dictionary. Callout for Artists Moose Cree First Nation invites all photographers, painters, carvers, sculptures, and other visual artists to showcase their work during the 2015 Gathering Of Our People! Security Services Tender The Gathering of Our People Planning Committee invites reputable and experienced security service personnel to provide safe and sufficient security services for MCFN’s annual Gathering of Our People. - Post-Secondary Student Awards Celebration The 17th annual post-secondary student awards celebration will take place on August 4, 2015 at the E. Please use caution near the construction site during this time. - All-Season Road Information Session Mushkegowuk Council will be presenting the all-season road feasibility study. - Seeking Members for Independent Review Panel Moose Cree First Nation is looking for interested MCFN members to sit on an Independent Review Panel. Moose Cree First Nation hockey game held on January 11, 2014. Proceeds go towards the costs of hosting the upcoming Montreal Canadiens Alumni hockey game. Thank you to Thunder Airlines for generously donating the tickets! - Notice: Surveying Please be advised that two surveyors from True Grit Consulting will be conducting field work on the reserve from Wednesday, November 27th to Monday, December 2nd, 2013 and it may be necessary for the crew to enter backyards to collect information. - Grief Edu-Therapy™ Session - November 26th, 2013 Moose Cree Health Services invites you to participate in the Grief Edu-Therapy™ program for individuals dealing with signicant emotional loss. - Important Video Message from Chief Norm Hardisty Jr. discusses new developments relating to health services for the First Nation. - Aboriginal Conservation Program We are seeking interested home owners/renters on reserve to participate in this program. Donating your gently used items could help keep a child warm this winter. - First Aid CPR Certification Course 2-day certification course held on November 9 - 10, 2013. - Trappers' Assistance Program Applications are now available for trappers' assistance for this trapping season. - NOTICE: OFFICE CLOSURE The Moose Cree First Nation MAIN OFFICE will be closed on Tuesday, October 29th to Thursday, October 31st at 12 noon. Community members will have an opportunity to dispose of their unwanted or expired medications for safe and proper disposal. - Fire & Rescue - Monitoring of Moose River Moose Factory Island Fire & Rescue will be completing daily river surveillance of the Moose River and its tributaries during the spring break-up. - Women's Advisory Group Tea Lands and Resources is inviting Moose Cree women to discuss the development of a Community Plan / Zoning Bylaws to help better organize our community to accommodate our growth. - Hydro One Home Assistance Program If you qualify for the Home Assistance program, you’ll receive free energy-efficient upgrades that can make your home more comfortable and save you money. This course explores the political, legal, and constitutional status of Aboriginal people in Canada. - Harvesters Subsidy Program The Moose Cree First Nation Harvesters Subsidy Program is now accepting applications for the fall 2017 harvesting season. - 2018 LNHL Planning Committee Recruitment Moose Cree First Nation will be the Host First Nation for Little Native Hockey League Tournament for 2018. Those that require the removal of materials may call Public Works for assistance. - 1st Annual General Assembly This is an opportunity for Membership to meet with MCFN staff and Chief & Council by visiting booths and hearing presentations throughout both days on programs and services offered by all departments and programs of MCFN. - Grief Edu-Therapy: Healing Broken Hearts Grief is the normal response to loss and the Edu-Therapy™ process of grief resolution is recognized as one of the most effective programs for dealing with the pain caused by loss and the grief that is often created by conflict within our relations. - Press Release: Epidemic Abuse of Illegal & Prescription Drugs Please read the following press release from the Moose Cree First Nation Chief & Council regarding the epidemic within the community. - Far North Electoral Boundaries Commission The Far North Electoral Boundaries Commission is holding community consultations regarding the creation of one or two additional electoral districts within the geographic areas of Kenora-Rainy River and Timmins-James Bay. Find out more on June 14, 2017 from am to pm at the TCJMC Community Hall. - Chief and Council Meeting Minutes Available Council Meeting Minutes from the current term from August 2016 – March 2017 are now available at the Executive Services office on the 2nd Floor in the Moose Cree Complex. - Ontario First Nation Limited Partnership Funding Moose Cree First Nation is accepting application submissions for OFNLP Funding. You will gain practical experience to complement your academic achievements. - Lands and Resources Information Session This information session discusses the Navigation Protection Act, and changes to the Fisheries Act. The warm weather caused damage to the road surface and portions of the road have not been freezing. - Spring 2017 Harvesters Subsidy Program Now accepting applications for the spring 2017 harvesting season. - Wetum Road Update - Revised Opening Date The Wetum Road opening has been delayed by one week to January 30, 2017 at am due to the warm weather. More information will be provided in the coming weeks. - Grief Edu-Therapy The Edu-Therapy process of grief resolution is recognized as one of the most effective program for dealing with pain caused by loss and conflict within our relations. The process is scheduled from Jan 2017 until Apr 2017. - Moose Cree Education Enhancement Fund Scholarship & Bursary funds for the 2016/2017 academic year. - Strategic Planning Sessions What direction do you think Moose Cree First Nation should take in the next four years? Centre for a presentation on how to protect yourself and your children from an abusive partner. - Little Native Hockey League Sponsorship Opportunities Sponsorship of this annual hockey tournament provides you with the opportunity to promote your company/organization and build relations with First Nations and First Nation organizations from across Ontario. - NAAAW Update: Individual Appointments Unavailable Due to unforeseen circumstances, Marguerite Thibaudeau, Reiki Master, is not able to attend our NAAWW event. National Aboriginal Addictions Awareness Week is from November 20th to 26th. - Community Meeting/Update from Chief Faries POSTPONED This event has been postponed to November 26, 2016. This subsidy is not intended to cover all harvesting costs. As of June 28th, 2016 there are 3 ways for you to purchase a ticket. - RE: Moose Cree First Nation Election Report In accordance with Section 10.2 of the MCFN Election Regulations, the Chief Electoral Officer must post the Summary Report in a Public Place no later than 24 hours after the election. Your lawsuit causes me-and all Moose Cree people-grave concern. The youth will be able to present their concerns at the Assembly of First Nations meeting. - Ontario First Nation Limited Partnership (OFNLP) Allocations Moose Cree First Nation is accepting application submissions for OFNLP Funding. - UPDATED: Summer Students Work Experience The Moose Cree Employment & Training unit is now accepting applications for the 2016 Summer Employment Program! We are seeking interested individuals to participate in the 2017 planning committee. - Wetum Road Season Closure The Wetum Road will officially close for the 2015/2016 season on March 28, 2016 at am. - Special Band Membership Meeting There will be a Special Band Membership Meeting on Monday, April 4, 2016 at pm at the community hall. The road will connect James Bay communities to highway 11. The objective of the panel is to assess the due diligence of the Council in regards to the Conflict Of Interest issues. - Ontario First Nation Limited Partnership (OFNLP) Allocations Moose Cree First Nation is accepting applications for OFNLP funding between June 1st and June 30th, 2015. - Reminder: Application Opportunity for Housing Contractors Moose Cree First Nation plans to hire a contractorfor the construction of new housing units. - River Surveillance Report #10 Moose Factory Island Fire & Rescue spring break-up river surveillance report #10. This video is the first of what will become regular monthly video updates. - Precautionary Boil Water Advisory Issued In the interest of protecting public health, a precautionary boil water advisory has been issued for Moose Factory effective immediately. Apply today to receive FREE energy efficient upgrades and save money on your electric bill. - The Future of the Land and Rivers Climate Change Adaptation Presentations by Dr. You will be educated on the necessary skills when performing First Aid and CPR. Download an application online or pick up at one of our offices. This is due to the closure of the Moose Cree Complex. - Aboriginal Conservation Program Receive FREE energy efficient upgrades and save money on your electric bill. - Responsible Gambling Council Presents "Scared Money" More than one-third of Ontario high school students gamble. Montreal Canadiens Alumni Hockey Game On January 14, 2014, the Montreal Canadiens Alumni will play an exciting game of hockey against a team composed of Moose Factory community members! - Housing Authority Through a partnership with the First Nations Market Housing Fund, Moose Cree First Nation began exploring the idea of establishing a Housing Authority. Stan Louttit On behalf of all Moose Cree citizens, the Chief and Council extends this special invitation to all community members of Moose Factory, and all other Gathering of Our People participants to join us in this very special ceremony.

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