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Here’s everything that happens in the Sookie Stackhouse world.[SPOILERS SPOILERS LIKE LITERALLY A BILLION SPOILERS]: 1.People always ask me if they should bother reading these books, and the answer is: It depends.Do you like absurd plots and a murder-to-novel ratio of approximately 24:1?After Sam makes the rather melodramatic decision to reveal his true nature by changing , Merlotte’s waitress Arlene quits.

Meanwhile, Eric helps Sookie get Tara out of a weird situation in exchange for Sookie telling him about all of their sensitive lovemaking. DEFINITELY DEAD Sookie has a new boyfriend, a weretiger (yup) named Quinn.

The new Sookie Stackhouse adventure: a NEW YORK TIMES smash hit!

After 10 years and a whopping 13 books, Charlaine Harris last week released the final novel in the long-running Sookie Stackhouse series, the literary impetus for hit HBO show True Blood.

DEAD UNTIL DARK Sookie Stackhouse is an obnoxiously perky telepathic waitress who has a hot brother named Jason and a grandmother that gets violently murdered in their kitchen.

People are constantly getting murdered around Sookie, who always endeavors to solve these murders, even when they aren’t inflicted upon her immediate family. They fall in love, a love that lasts through roughly six other attempted murders.

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