Netherlands dating expat

The other dog he lived with he hasn't seen in almost a year and the home he knew is lost. Regardless of whether it's child or pet, I think it's most important to keep the routine you had before the move as much as possible.

Make sure there are familiar things in your new home (furniture, toys, photos, paintings, etc) so that not everything is shockingly new and different.

Utrecht For the past 8 months, I've been a married woman!

My husband is Dutch and I moved to his home country, the Netherlands, after we married.

Having a job makes you feel more useful and accomplished and is a great way to meet people. It will make you feel so much more at home and the Dutch really appreciate your efforts.

Besides, I met one of my closest friends here during a Dutch class we took!

Because English is not his native language, he sometimes says things that he thinks are miniscule that I find positively offensive (it's sort of like cussing in a different language - it doesn't seem as serious). It's very American to get overly excited about everything. We both realize that I need to learn and embrace the new, but not forget who I am. Get a museumkaart (good for over 400 museums and castles in the Netherlands, most entry is free, card costs about 40 Euro and is good for a year) and start going sightseeing.

I've been up to the top of the Dom tower twice since being here.

I think he enjoys having a Daddy and likes the apartment lifestyle. He needed a microchip, an airline compliant carrier, updated rabies shots, and a health certificate.

I don't have a job at the moment, so I do a lot of sightseeing and museum hopping.

During the week, my husband and I mostly stay in and watch movies.

What still doesn't make sense to me is that I had to have him chipped before leaving the US, only to find out upon arrival that European scanners don't read US microchips.

I had to have my dog chipped twice, which I did not appreciate at all. I think the most important thing once you're in your new country is to find a fantastic vet and a pet hotel or caregiver that you can trust while you're on vacation.

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