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It’s overboard across the map: When it’s good it’s great – but when it’s bad it’s really bad.

There is no middle ground when standing at the borderline.

Jodi Arias – in my opinion, – a good example of a woman with quiet BPD (she functions superficially well but her chameleon-like façade breaks open once her relational views are challenged) murdered her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander; Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction attempted to murder her former lover but failed and found her own death.

Most real-life relationships with a partner who has BPD are not deadly.

Nevertheless the healthy mate wonders, “Why are we on these constant roller coaster rides?

” Sooner rather than later he starts to resent walking on eggshells around his lover.

Linehan (1993) developed a treatment approach for BPD called Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Notoriously famous personality disorders discussed in films, courts, and domestic disputes are all part of the dramatic-erratic cluster: The Narcissist, The Antisocial, The Individual with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or a combination of two: Antisocial Narcissistic and/or Borderline Narcissistic.

The film Fatal Attraction (quite an excellent performance by Glenn Close) and the recent court case of Jodi Arias come to mind.

What do all the films and print stories have in common? Dating a person with BPD is not part of your deal – or so you thought.

What’s the major challenge of BPD: It comes seldom alone!

Substance and eating disturbances co-occur and mood disorders such as Unipolar Depression and Bipolar disorder generally require a combined treatment consisting of a medication regime and therapy.

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