Dirty speedchat

Looks like Clark’s destined to be back on the A&R track for season two. The next day he doesn’t show up for show rehearsal because he’s busy ODing in his undies on the rat’s ass apartment floor.

in 24 hours, not which bandmates’ cock she’s sucking. Later that night, though Jamie acts like a dumdum and tells Kip she cares bout him AND she’s attracted to Alex too. Jamie and Lester scrape him up and drag his barely functioning bod to the show where Richie shoots him up with cocaine so he can perform. It wakes him up but when he still doesn’t want to perform Alex tells him to stop being a pussy and shockingly that doesn’t do the trick.

Maybe season two will hold a brighter future for Jamie but it’s a bummer to see such a smart and sassy character taken down to this level on finale night – just another reminder that “girls don’t matter,” as if this episode didn’t already have enough of these reminders. Kip rises from the dead quickly thanks to our episode’s hero, cocaine, and gets out there with his guitar.

Once onstage are in the audience and they, along with everyone else there, fall in love with this brand new twisted dirty love anthem.

Meanwhile at the dance clubs, Clark leads a disco and cocaine-fueled movement that’s got everybody grooving to the beat.

Later at the American Century offices we see the results of all his hard work when the Indigo album he’s been playing is suddenly selling like crazy and even hits the charts.

Richie makes Lester an offer and claims he wants to do what’s right so they make a deal and it works out pretty well for Lester, who even gets a couple more bands to manage in the process.

On the other side of the story, gigantic idiotic mistakes are made by yet another formerly smart character.

Basically, they’ll meet him once in awhile to check in, leave him with the bar bill, and let him “live his life” with occasional reports to them.

Zak says he just wants Galasso’s support, not realizing the a mobster couldn’t care less and wouldn’t know what “support” even means in this case.

So, Galasso immediately goes to Richie and tells him all about Zak’s plan. He threatens to crush him in one of the stolen cars he chops up at his “shop near Yankee Stadium” then leaves in a huff.

Richie defends Zak and says he’s too stupid to have done it.

Then Richie implies that maybe it was Joe Corso who also just happened to be there during the conversation and is also sitting in the warehouse with them now.

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