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Tavel Miss Holmes Miss Candy _ TO THE DIRECTOR: At p. V/ells said ( he hadn't seen it since about two weeks before his retirement from the Bureau. Miller asked Wells if he had seen Washington Post, 10/2/71, and Wells said he had not. Wells and in I careful terms advised Wells we wanted to ascertain the I present whereabouts of the sensitive material. UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Memorandum p Bishop Miller.

- I Wells told Miller, "I don't think you'll have any I trouble getting them back." if 10/2/71 - Above information furnished the Director by Felt evening 10/2/71. Mardian told Attorney General that Director approved of his \^taking possession of files. Miller told Mardian he had been trying to get in touch with him. ' Ponder — - Bates ..^^ Tavel «L- Walters - Soyars " Tele.

I J^virr Bates ejgjreosed bis appreciation and said he will be in ^^.? rn Yes; beneficiary designated as This designation is being forwarded to CSC and it will remain valid unless changed or canceled.

Rosen's absbnco, ho will act as Assistant to the Director. office this afternoon and said that he did free^Ja Scep Ko Eographic work for "Time" magazine. Following retirement, double indemnity benefits concerning accidental death and dismemberment no longer exist for either Regular or Optional Insurance. If you desire to convert the Optional Insurance, submit in duplicate a signed statement that you want to convert the Optional Insurance to an individual policy and wish Ho be informed how to do it. Beneficiary will be in order of precedence used by U. Government, i.e., (1) widow or'widower;,(2) children, (3) p parents, etc.

If you decide to convert, the Bureau should be inim^^i**t^ly "'^^''""'^ ^ftt KArufigf^, ^ SF-56, ** Agency Certification of Insurance Status^" will be forwarded to CSC and a copy sent to you. continue Regular Insurance coverage, such protection will continue premium free until you reach age 65.

Authorized personnel official must certify as shown in Part G on other side of this form. Conversion to an individual' lilt^lii Hiimnge-^^w Uc v-n Gcessitates p aving the usual premium for a person of your age and class of risk. Rooin__ Miss Holmes^ Miss Gandy Attached affidavits were obtained at the request of the Director as to Sullivan's allegedly kicking orie.demonstrator and squirting ^'macg'^ on another during the "May Day'^^ action. "mace" incident and I have the names of other witnesses to the alleged kicking incident. I will personally retain these affidavits in' a special folder.

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