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After Germany declared war on Portugal in March 1916 the Portuguese government sent more reinforcements to Mozambique (the South Africans had captured German South West Africa in 1915).These troops supported British, South African and Belgian military operations against German colonial forces in German East Africa.Unlike other European nations during the 1950s and 1960s, the Portuguese Estado Novo regime did not withdraw from its African colonies, or the overseas provinces (províncias ultramarinas) as those territories had been officially called since 1951.

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The end of the war came with the Carnation Revolution military coup of April 1974.

At the time Portugal was in effective control of little more than the coastal strip of both Angola and Mozambique, but important inroads into the interior had been made since the first half of the 19th century.

In Angola, construction of a railway from Luanda to Malanje, in the fertile highlands, was started in 1885.

The withdrawal resulted in the exodus of hundreds of thousands of Portuguese citizens The former colonies faced severe problems after independence.

Devastating and violent civil wars followed in Angola and Mozambique, which lasted several decades, claimed millions of lives, and resulted in large numbers of displaced refugees.

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