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Provides 24-hour hotline services, support groups, legal support, domestic violence advocacy at Child Protective Services, transportation, food, clothing, shelter, children’s programs, and transitional housing.Advocates assess the victim’s individual needs and concerns and provide a variety of support and services.

To facilitate the enlightenment of the public on the problems and abuses associated with the prison system, NV-CURE has elected to publish the information gathered and is urging each and every person to read the information published and to contact your Legislators regarding your concerns. NV-CURE Board of Directors NV-CURE Letter to Prisoners Regarding Staff Abuse, With Attachments, dated Oct.

Letter: Conditions of so-called general population at ESP. High Desert State Prison (HDSP), Lovelock Correctional Center (LCC). Petition to David Parks, Harvey Mumford: Complaints about inmate grievance process and petition to legislators for an independent ombudsman, signed by many inmates. AWP Tanya Hill is returning his grievances back to him. Affidavit: Medical: female prisoner has lost four family members to cancer and she has moles that have changed color, went to the doctor who asked her symptoms and she showed him the moles and he yelled at her and asked what are your symptoms.

Letter: Discrimination against prisoner for being a black, gay man, and HIV positive. Letter: Guards telling prisoners that cable is out in the locked up (solitary confinement) unit because of one prisoner's grievance writing; all prisoners telling him to stop writing grievances, has been in ad seg for 908 hours. Chang that the state does not treat chronic pain and the state does not have to treat pre-existing conditions.

These abuses reflect a deliberate indifference and reckless disregard for the basic human rights of prisoners and the need for a complete reevaluation and reorganization of the Nevada prison system. Florence Mc CLure Women's Correctional Center (FMWCC).

NV-CURE for the past year has been working with the NDOC Director to resolve many of the individual problems and the Director has referred many of those individual problems for investigation by the Office of the Inspector General. Didn’t see the cardiologist until 8/29/13 after many complaints of chest pain and cramps.

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