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The unit welcomes any new information about unsolved cases and would urge anyone who has information about such crimes to contact 0151-709-6010 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. The cold case of Jennifer Marie Bastian got a boost in 2013 when Tacoma Police (WA) revealed more information to the public. Jane Nartare (9), Arnna Kathleen (7), and Grant Ellis (4), known as the Beaumont Children, disappeared from Glenelg Beach, near Adelaide, South Australia, on January 26, 1966.Despite renewed media attention and various tips, the case is still unsolved. It is not posted whether the strangulation was manual or with an object. All the witnesses said the same thing: they heard several shots but nobody saw the actually shooting that took place on Dec 21, 1986, in Champaign, Illinois. Their disappearance is to this day Australia’s best known cold case. In 2013, police excavated an area behind the Castalloy factory but found no traces of the three missing children. The Bennett Family murder is connected to a string of hammer murders in Aurora, Colorado.2 miles south of HI-20 on South Highway 349 (Rankin Highway). New questions were raised but as of 3/2017 the case remains labelled suicide.The authorities have Kristy’s dental records on file and check with each new Jane Doe case. Moira “Holly” Branagan (1962 – 1979) was found stabbed 18 times in the back with a 10-inch kitchen knife.

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According to SF Gate Bacom had shown interest in Suzanne’s sister, Stephanie who did not reciprocate his feelings. According to police, Ron Ferrengburg (now deceased) gave Kristy and one of her girlfriends a ride to the club.In September 2016, the Justice Department found that this case lacked prosecutive merit and should be closed.AUSA Julie Peters of the Eastern District of Arkansas concurs in this recommendation. Alice Barton (49), a prostitute, was strangled and mutilated. Her body had been dumped in a wartime pillbox in Woodchurch, Birkenhead, in September 1955.At that time Harry is 15 months old but in news articles his age ranges between 15-20 months. Most likely Harry was taken by a couple who hopefully lovingly raised him as their own.Harry is white with blue eyes and light brown/dark blond hair.

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