Clamshell dynamically accommodating

Among these there was the need for a new light helicopter.During the '50s the US Army successfully tested the rotary-wing potentials and discovered its great versatility.The US Army in fact estimated a global need of about 3'600-4'000 LOH helicopters.

The tailplane also gave some troubles and several types were tested before a satisfactory one was found.At the beginning only two proposals were selected: that of the Bell with the project of the Model 250, and that of the Hiller with the project of the Model 1100.For reference only, it must be said that the Army's LOH contest (LOH acronym for Light Observation Helicopter) was characterized by some striking surprises worthy of a spy story.The origins of this helicopter, also known under the commercial designation of Hughes 500, dates back to the early '60s.In those years a work group known as Army Aircraft Requirements Review Board, or simpler Rogers Board from the name of its president who chaired the group of generals Gordon Byrom Rogers, issued some request for proposals for new aircraft.

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