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In other words, this is just a complete inversion of Level 2.

Women rule the world, men are all either castrated slaves or extinct. There are two divided communities, each with members of only one gender.

Women live in a Straw Feminist Utopia with superior technology or some kind of nature paradise to emphasize how women are Closer to Earth, and are either happy lesbians or simply celibate. On occasion, there is nothing sexist about it when the fiction takes place in a realistically women-only setting (like a realistic women's prison), but this happens far less often than in Level 1. There are only homosexual relationships (if any at all) and neither gender needs the other to survive.

Most of Michigan’s workplaces, restaurants, and bars became smokefree on May 1, 2010!

Needless to say, in such fictions, women are also commanded to grovel at men's feet, Stay in the Kitchen, Et Cetera or else.

That's why many of the examples here are works that, while it is still impossible to tell whether they portray both sexes as completely equal, are just more balanced than Level 4 or 6.

At this level, women are always the protagonists and usually don't need men to fight for them.

However, living without them is hard too—there are things that should not be the concern of women, or simply require brute strength to get accomplished.

Also, there's one thing that makes males necessary—procreation.

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