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See more » Why the crap is this movie rated so low?!I've seen this movie over 25 times, I know EVERY line to this movie. Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of South Park and the new puppet masterpiece Team America) star as the main characters Joe Cooper, or Coop "Airman" Cooper, and Doug Remer, or "Sir Swish." Mainly they're just referred to as Coop and Remer throughout the movie.This is a reference to the fact that, when BASEketball was announced, many of South Park's fans accused Matt Stone and Trey Parker of being "sell-outs" for doing "a big Hollywood movie" now that they're famous.See more » Coop sings "And I should've been gone" to which Remer replies "I thought we said no more Journey Pysch-Outs." This line isn't actually from a Journey song, but "Oh Sherrie" from Steve Perry's solo album Street Talk.The story follows with zany blackmail, the Milwaukee Beers cheerleaders, and humor so absurd it'll leave you crying for more. This is the big one, because depressing though it may be, your smiling face is the first thing on which people will judge you.“Try to avoid clichés in your profile because, let’s face it, everyone wants someone who's loyal and we all like walking on the beach at sunset.

It is also possible to search using your image online, so use a photo that doesn't appear anywhere else on the internet if you value your privacy.” Denise Knowles from says a good guide is remembering that the same rules apply both on and offline.Before giving away information such as job titles or personal details, think first about how those could be used to track you online.“Be careful what you say about yourself,” says Honey.Relationship psychologist Honey Langcaster-James says: “Look straight into the camera and smile showing your teeth – this says open, friendly, healthy and confidence.” A recent study of the most popular profiles on dating sites showed 88 per cent are making eye contact with the camera in their profile picture.Jim Talbott, director of consumer insights at, also suggests: “Keep your photos fresh, and swap out your primary photo frequently.

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    “I just couldn’t believe that was what he was saying,” Jane told .

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    “Women are supposed to be the nurturers and the matriarchs in our society.” Due to the secretive nature of online affairs, reliable statistics are hard to find, but a 2005 study of 1,828 Web users in Sweden offers evidence about the prevalence of cybersex and online affairs. A 2008 Australian study offers more insight into Internet affairs. More than half of the respondents believed an online relationship constituted unfaithfulness, with the numbers climbing to 71 percent for cybersex and 82 percent for in-person meetings.