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Now part of the Izzet Guild and student of Niv-Mizzet, he will have to face the many dangers of the multiverse, gaining knowledge, friends, and maybe something more...You don't need to know MTG to read; all will be explained here. Evolution has ways of having any organism survive the world that is it's environment, sometimes anomalies occur even when everything that has been studied and an organism adapts.

Everything in the episode seems completely against continuity, the characters act like they're on tranquilizers, and nothing makes sense within the pre-established context.

I'm fascinated by anime and manga, and the road to freedom is through imagination. It gets often difficult to find these for myself, whether they're on the Internet or on DVDs and Blu-rays.

I take great pleasure in some of the works of:1) Neon Genesis Evangelion2) Avatar: The Last Airbender3) Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play4) Ceres, Celestial Legend5) Cardcaptor Sakura/Cardcaptors6) Sailor Moon7) Chobits8) Panda Go Panda9) The Legend of Korra (this new series is off the hook!!

182) Parasyte183) Code Lyoko184) Golan the Insatiable185) Yu Yu Hakusho186) Street Sharks187) Samurai Champloo188) Robotech189) The Flash190) DC's Legends of Tomorrow191) Second Chance (Fox series)192) Blindspot (NBC series)193) Dimension W194) i Zombie195) Power Rangers196) Saving Hope197) One-Punch Man198) Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans199) Lucifer (Fox series)200) Galerians: Rion201) Dirty Pair Flash202) Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure203) Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096205) Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? GO TO THIS SITE TO REMEDY THE SITUATION: I'm being very serious about the lack of reviews to the stories I have with people either favoring or following and not leaving reviews.

206) Tokyo Ghoul207) Monster Rancher208) APB (Fox series)209) You the Jury (Fox series)210) The Little Mermaid211) Outlaw Star212) Yu-Gi-Oh! GX214) Chicago Fire215) Chicago PD216) Chicago Med217) Chicago Justice218) Powerless219) Doctor Strange220) Virus221) Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden222) Mighty Magiswords223) Braceface224) All That225) Cousin Skeeter226) Kenan and Kel227) The Journey of Allen Strange228) The Secret World of Alex Mack229) Aaahh!!! My longest pieces of work of fiction for this site have been , which incorporate Yu-Gi-Oh! It's irritating because I put much time and effort in making them worth reading. That's being a little unfaithful.-Seriously, I'm getting irritated of writers that constantly say that they're going to post something…but never do because they're either too lazy to do so…or they're just trying to get people's attention, getting their hopes up.

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